Break Free from Centralized AI

Talk to a smarter AI that combines the best open source and proprietary models instead of being chained to a single provider.
Now in open beta
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Combine the best AI models

Access a wide variety of models
DecentAI provides open access to leading text, image, and audio generation models, including:

  • OpenAI (GPT-4, DALL-E)
  • Anthropic (Claude)
  • Google (Gemini)
  • Mistral (Mistral 7B)
  • Stability AI (SDXL)
  • Meta (Llama-2)
  • ElevenLabs

The right model for the right task
Leverage the best aspects of multiple models for a task instead of just one. Get better and a wider variety of responses.

Don't get tied down
Use any XMTP client like Coinbase Wallet or Converse to chat with DecentAI.

DecentAI is an experiment from Catena Labs

Access the open beta

There are two ways you can join:

Mint a DecentPass
DecentPass is a unique NFT that grants you access to all models and features, along with enhanced usage rates.

Join the open beta by minting an NFT on Base and downloading the app.

This is the fastest and easiest way to unlock full access today.

Request an invite
You can request an invitation code which you can redeem in-app to get started.

Invites are sent out periodically.

Beyond a one-size-fits-all approach

High-quality generative AI
DecentAI aggregates the latest generative AI models from many providers to give you better quality.

Smarter replies
Your requests are routed to the most suitable models based on intent, quality, and speed preferences.

Round-the-clock access
If your favorite model is unavailable, your request will simply be routed to the next best model.

The freedom to select their choice of XMTP-compatible client app. Just send a message to DecentGPT.eth

Transparent access
Transferable NFT passes provide access to the best models. No subscription needed.